1 No errors expected at this point

2 Rerouted to this page: 106.7ms

3 Custom rerouting

4 Named route

5 Named route retrieved

6 Alias() function

7 Rerouting to alias

8 Rerouting to page fragment

9 Routed to anonymous/lambda function

10 Mixed request routing pattern

11 Wildcard routing pattern

12 Wildcard routing pattern [multiple]

13 Alias generated with encoded default PARAMS

14 Synchronous HTTP request

15 AJAX request

16 Routed to regular namespaced function


18 Request body available

19 HTTP OPTIONS request returns allowed methods

20 HTTP OPTIONS request returns user-specified methods

21 Parameter in route captured

22 Different parameter in route

23 Multiple parameters

24 Query string mocked

25 Query string and mock arguments merged

26 Route parameters captured along with query

27 Request body and superglobals $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST correctly set on mocked POST

28 Request body and superglobals $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST correctly set on mocked PUT

29 Mocked request body precedence over arguments

30 Unicode characters in URL (PCRE version: 10.40 2022-04-14)

31 Route precedence order

32 Page rendering baseline: 0.1ms

33 Same page throttled @16Kbps (~62.5ms): 0.1ms

34 DNSBL lookup: 50.5ms

35 Call method (NS\Class->method)

36 Call method (PHP array format)

37 Call PHP function

38 Call lambda function

39 Callback chain()

40 Callback relay()

41 CORS Preflight Origin test

42 CORS Preflight Methods

43 CORS Preflight Credentials

44 CORS Preflight Max Age

45 CORS Ajax Route test

46 CORS Request

47 CORS Request Expose Headers

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