1 Events initiated

2 Add events to hive

3 Multiple listeners on a single event

4 Add sub-event

5 Emit simple event

6 Emit event with arguments

7 FIFO processing on multiple event listeners

8 Custom prioritisation for event listeners

9 Check existence of event keys

10 Remove existing event listeners for an event key

11 Emitting events with no listeners attached

12 Emit downwards to sub-events

13 FIFO test on multiple listeners on same sub-event

14 Sub-event prioritisation

15 Emit calls event key listeners first

16 Emit on a sub-event propagates upwards to the root

17 Sub-Events are called after its parent

18 Cancel listener stack from prioritized listener

19 Break event propagation chain from upper listener

20 Emit event with non existing listeners

21 Event name is passed to listener

22 Send contextual data along with the event

23 Alter contextual data within a listener

24 Pass additional options to the listener

25 Created dummy objects

26 Add local event to single object (/home/ikkez/domains/

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